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When Kyle Hill goes to work each day, he looks forward to a ton of paper work. As the owner of Hill's Shred Express Commercial Warehouse, the more paper the merrier, because the job of shredding and disposing mounds of paper is an increasingly important part of his business.


Hill's Shred Express, which has been in operation since 1990, is a family run business owned by Kyle Hill. The company started shredding 18 years ago, and now on an average, the company processes 30 tons of shredding papaer each month from companies throughout the Central and North Central Florida area.


The company has contracts with major hospitals in the region since 1999.


Kyle Hill, current president of the company, started shredding 18 years ago, when the former Barnett Bank offered him a contract to shred and then dispose of sensitive documents.

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"They were doing it themselves in house, but getting rid of the paper after it was shredded was overwhelming for them."


-Kyle Hill