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Equipment and Containers

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We have three (3) types of shredding bins/containers:

Executive Console

  • Dimensions (37" H x 20" D x 20" W

  • 32-Gallons, 100 pounds or about 4 cases of paper

64 Gallon Bin

  • Dimensions (42" H x 29" D x 22" W

  • 200 pounds or about 7 cases of paper

95 Gallon Bin

  • Dimensions (43" H x 35" D x 24" W

  • 300 pounds or about 10 cases of paper



Thousands of boxes filled with old files are delivered to the company warehouse in northwest Ocala for sorting before they are fed through shredders. They are eventually packaged in 1,000 pound bales of quarter or three-eighth inch strips of paper.


On average, the company processes 30 tons of shredded paper each month from companies throughout Central and North Central Florida. After shredding, the bales are sold in bulk primarily to Kimberly Clark Paper Mill in Mobile, AL.


Bio Waste Bin

30 Gallon Bin

  • Dimensions (H 22" x W 18")

95 Gallon Bin

  • Dimensions (43" H x 35" D x 24" W)